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Wanted: Gingham

As mentioned in this post, I have a few sewing patterns lined up. This dress needs one specific thing: gingham.

Because there is none in my wardrobe.

And it is trendy, so says the runway.

And it is hip, so say the celebs.

And it is classic, so say these lovely ladies.*

And Kate.

The best princesses drink wine. 

And Dorothy.

Anyone else wearing gingham this summer?

*These photos remind me of a scene in the otherwise-awful What's Your Number?

GIRL: That pant suit is sexy. It's very Katharine Hepburn. GUY: Alright, let's clear something up right now. Katharine Hepburn was not sexy. Audrey Hepburn was sexy. Katharine Hepburn was a dude.

Matthew and I have had the same conversation. Apparently guys don't dig Kate Hepburn as much as we do, ladies.

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