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Parisian Style: Home Edition

When we were in Paris, I found myself making mental notes — and taking photos — as if I were actively seeking home design inspiration.

Because we have a Versailles budget. Obviously.

I fell in love with flooring in Paris.

Especially chevron floors. If we ever own a home and have a few thousand to spare, we will have chevron floors. (Not herringbone.) Even if we have to do the math ourselves. (So much floor math.)

With warm white walls. Because Paris.

Moulding! Detail!


Other places I've found design inspiration: Green Gables, Black Creek Pioneer Village, ZebuuLikely General, The Toronto Zoo....

I think I have a problem.

Do you ever find yourself at your favourite local restaurant, plotting to steal some of their design ideas one day?

If you're going to play music for a living, at least shower first

Wanted: Gingham