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Spotted: The Belcarra Blouse

Ladies and gentlemen, I made something with (short) sleeves!

Who lives in a loft with no overhead lighting? This girl!


Pattern: Belcarra Blouse by Sewaholic Fabric: Polka-dot mystery fabric — I won a giveaway! Size: Cut a straight 6.

This was my first-ever Sewaholic pattern.

Um, I impulse-bought three others. So it certainly won't be the last.

Back to Belcarra.

I won a giveaway on Miss Crayola Creepy's blog in the spring, which included about a yard and a half of this polka-dot fabric. I had no plans for it. I was too caught up in "must make a green dress or die."

Last week, when I was suffering from a very severe case of cabin fever, I decided I needed to MAKE something. So I downloaded this pattern, pieced it together, and…procrastinated for a few days.

I'm the worst.

Anyway, here she is.

The fabric isn't as soft and drapey as the pattern probably deserves, and I'm not sure how I feel about the neckline fit — raglan sleeves don't always sit flat and I'm trying to figure out if I made it too big or too small — but this will definitely get some wear.

And I'll be making the pattern again, too, I'm sure. Next time, it'll be a snap to sew up. Such a straightforward, no-drama make. (Highly recommended for beginners!)

Anyone else out there tackling a sewing project or two this summer?

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