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Picture Book Fashion: Mama Bear

You can't knock Mama Bear's signature style. Polka dots! A collar!

She looks fantastic, even when grumpy. I feel like this is important for long-term life success.

And she continues to looks great while she purges and organizes like a champ. Also important for long-term life success. This book should be in the self-help section. So much wisdom.

(First came Mama Bear, THEN came Marie Kondo. That pegboard! Those boxes! I wish I wrote this: 8 Truths About Home Organization I Learned from the Berenstain Bears.)

Anywho. Mama Bear's got it going on, wardrobe-wise. Get the look for just $606 (on sale)! 

Or "bear" your shoulders in this little number from Diane von Furstenberg. It's flirty! It's on trend! It's...perfect if you want to be "Sexy Mama Bear" for Halloween or something.

If you dare to go Full Boyle — please tell me you've binge-watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine — you'll have to make your own hat.

(There are surprisingly few turquoise polka dot hats available online. Crafty folks: business idea!)

This pattern'll do — with this fabric, perhaps?

Fortunately, Mama Bear does not wear shoes. Neither do I. Because MY FEET GREW DURING PREGNANCY AND THEY DID NOT "BOUNCE BACK." This is what people mean when they say babies are expensive: They make you replace all your footwear.

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