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Three Things: Nostalgia Edition

1. Big hair.

I am so happy big curly hair is back. I miss my perm. (And this collaboration is awesome — and hairspirational.)

2. This article.

When we talk about The Baby-Sitters Club now, we don't talk about which characters we were. We talk about which characters we are.

I’m Mary-Ann. Probably with a hint of Mallory. You?

The Baby-Sitters Club was perhaps the first series for girls with an entrepreneurial spirit. (Maybe it even played a small role in our generation's tendency to start one's own business and to take professional risks. Martin said one of the greatest parts for her has been hearing from librarians, editors, and authors who were drawn to their jobs by a love of her books).

As promised (to myself), I bought this shirt. Matthew took a while to figure out the significance of the names on it: “Are they the original supermodels?” So close. And...maybe.

3. Luke’s Diner.

I needed a new keychain, okay?

We’ve been rewatching Gilmore Girls as we anticipate the Netflix revival in the fall. The first time around, I watched it from Rory’s perspective. Now that I’m a mom in my 30s — the exact age Lorelai is in season one — I’m watching it from Lorelai’s. It's a totally slightly different show.

Related, my coffee addiction and sweet tooth feel validated every time I press play. (I'm drinking coffee as I type this.)

Also, I want a mug-cubby wall. #nexthousegoals

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