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Picture Book Fashion: The Shaped-Jewel Hunt

This was Ursula's first-ever mystery novel board book! Let me tell you, it's VERY refreshing to delve into a story with a plot. There's only so much "Apple," "Moo," "Boom, boom, boom, Mr. Brown makes thunder" a person can take.

Lady Tasha is horrible at keeping track of her precious jewels. Horrible. They're lying around everywhere.

At least she looks good while she searches for her most precious one.*

Get the look:

1. J.O.A. Pleated Dress

2. Isabel Marant Étoile Relly embroidered cotton dress

3. Sportmax Silk Crepe Dress

I hope Kate Middleton reads this book to her kids. While wearing Alexander McQueen.

*Spoiler alert: It's in the teapot. Because that makes sense.

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