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How To Get Your Body Back (After Baby)

How To Get Your Body Back (After Baby)

There are countless articles about how to get your body back after having a baby. And there are countless more about how you’ll never get your baby back, about how you shouldn’t want your body back in the first place, and that “back” is perpetrating the oppressive notion that aging backwards is the only acceptable aging direction no matter how impossible.

Well, friends, I’m here to let you know that it is absolutely possible to get your body back.

How to get your body back (after baby):

1. Wean the kid.

2. There. It’s yours again.

I had been pregnant or breastfeeding since the early fall of 2014. Until last week.

It’s bittersweet weaning your babe. The cuddles and comfort that come with nursing are pretty incomparable. But oh-my-word it’s such a lovely feeling to put on a real bra and plan a kids-only sleepover at the grandparents’.

Struggling mommas out there, you’ll get there. Stretch marks will fade. The extra pounds may or may not shift. The softness and scars will always remind you of the best and worst of times. Your heart will forever be soldered to theirs.

But your body, however changed, will become yours again.

Your youngest will sleep through the night.

And you will become more of the you you’ve been missing.

Hold on.



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