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Weekend Reading Vol. 26: Michelle Obama, Bruce Springsteen & How To Play Dead

Weekend Reading Vol. 26: Michelle Obama, Bruce Springsteen & How To Play Dead

The. Best.

The. Best.

It’s been a weird week: kids a little under the weather — as per always because kids = snot + fevers — and husband working late most nights. So I read the Internet.

Some gems:

How To Play Dead. (The New York Times.)

Now you know.

Michelle Obama Is Still Optimistic. (Elle)

I need to read her book.

“Family dinners. That was one of the things I brought into the White House—that strict code of, You gotta catch up with us, dude. This is when we’re having dinner. Yes, you’re president, but you can bring your butt from the Oval Office and sit down and talk to your children.”

The Jeans That Incited an Existential Debate at Man Repeller (Obviously). (Man Repeller)

The “most regular jeans ever”?

“These in-betweensy jeans (lol) have the high waist of the 70s, the straight thigh-to-knee of the 90s, the bootcut of the early 00s, the stiffness of like, the first jeans ever made — but mixed with the stretch of whenever “stretch” came into play.”

Also at Man Repeller: The Celebrity Profile Is Not Dead!!!

I live for the celebrity profile. In fact, I think they’ve been getting better lately.

Women Aren’t Nags — We’re Just Fed Up. (Harpers Bazaar)

This is an old essay which resurfaced this week because its author is coming out with a book inspired by it. What it has to say about emotional labour is…accurate. Please read. Especially if you’re male.

Beneath the Surface Of Bruce Springsteen. (Esquire)

A couple years ago, I told Matthew that I wanted to be the kind of person who listens to Bruce Springsteen. And then I started listening to Bruce Springsteen.

Changing your life is that easy, friends.

"There Is a Strength in Vulnerability": The Actress Roundtable. (The Hollywood Reporter)

It’s award season! I’ve seen no movies! And yet I still care.

I might make fun of her frozen forehead, but I hugely respect Nicole Kidman. Maybe even more so after reading this:

“The sharing of information is so important. Working with younger actresses, I say, ‘Ask me anything and I'll answer. Ask me anything financially. If you need advice, just ask. I can only tell you what I advise and you might take it or leave it. But it's nice to have access to information.’ It's hard, especially if you are very young in this industry starting out, because you are trying to be good and obedient and to not be troublesome. But it's lovely to have a bunch of people that go, ‘Come ask us. We've got some experience and we're willing to share it.’”

Read anything good online this week, friends?

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