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Weekend Reading Vol. 29: Hockey Butts, Dan Levy, and the Burnout Generation

Weekend Reading Vol. 29: Hockey Butts, Dan Levy, and the Burnout Generation

Photo by  Sebastian Soerensen  from  Pexels

Photo by Sebastian Soerensen from Pexels

We made it through another week! Just in time for a massive snowstorm. If the weather outside is frightful but your wifi is still delightful, check these out:

Hockey players have big butts, and they cannot lie (ESPN)

When Matthew and I first met, he struggled with shopping for jeans. This article is for men like him.

“I Broke the Rule for Him”: How Emily Blunt and John Krasinski Became Hollywood’s Couple of the Year (The Hollywood Reporter)

This couple is on my list of dream-dinner-date couples. Also, the styling for this shoot is perfection. Stripes for life.

How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation (BuzzFeed News)

This article went viral for good reason. It’s long — and doesn’t end with any practical application steps for making life better — but important if you want to understand your own exhaustion and/or feel understood. And if you think millennials are lazy, this is essential reading. Do not pass go.

The Unbelievable Story of One of America’s Bloodiest Hitman (BuzzFeed News)

I get made fun of — in love, right? — for my true-crime appreciation. (Matthew often catches me watching Dateline or docs about life on “death row. In another life, I would have studied criminal law.)

This story is haunting for a few reasons. The biggest one being that he’s essentially one of America’s most prolific serial killers and yet his capture didn’t make the headlines you’d expect. Because this:

“That he killed so many for so long suggests a dark truth about law enforcement in the US: Kill the right people — in his case, farmworkers and drug dealers, few of whom had anyone to speak on their behalf — and you just might find there’s no one to stop you.”

Comedy Scion Daniel Levy Is the Schitt (Advocate)

I don’t watch Schitt’s Creek, but I love Dan Levy. (Did you watch The Great Canadian Baking Show? He’s the best part. Well, him and his sweaters.) I find his approach to writing about homosexuality really challenging. It’s too easy, in storytelling, to try to make a point by showing suffering rather than not giving a voice to oppressors at all.

“A lot of queer relationships on television and in films are met with extreme tragedy… It was a very conscious effort on my part to not have that happen. In fact, it’s been a conscious effort to not ever show the other side on our television program. I have made a very strong point to not ever show bigotry, homophobia, or intolerance on our show because to me, it’s a celebration of love.”

Read anything good this week, friends?

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