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Wine and Cheese Chez Nous

I love wine. I love cheese.

I love all the little nibbles and snacks that often accompany wine and cheese.

And I love our friends.

Last Friday evening, Matthew and I hosted a six-months-late-housewarming-slash-wine-and-cheese party for about 15 of our friends.

Because I wrote too much a couple weeks ago, my editors gave me a paid day off. While I cleaned up around the place — hosting a party is the perfect excuse to finally scrub the tub and dust bookshelves — Matt bought flowers:

(I told you he was the official flower-buyer.)

I made cute little labels from cardstock for the cheeses. Because I'm a nerd.

We were ready.

We turned the TV to the Fireplace Channel — Oh, yes, we did — Matt put on the iconic Thriller record, we lit a few candles...and the doorbell rang. Let the party begin!

Andrea won the party. She stayed the latest. (And has the best bangs.)

I'd like to name my hypothetical firstborn daughter Brie. And my hypothetical firstborn son? Gorgonzola. Little Gorgon sounds cute, no?

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