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Home Cooking: Pumpkin Obsession

My husband is the official flower-buyer in our household. He has a great eye for flowers that last forever.

(He came home with gorgeous white roses last week. Because our bedroom looks prettier with them on the bedside table. I'm keeping that man FOREVER.)

Sorry 'bout the gush. This is supposed to be about food.

Fall food is the best food. Soup, chili, stew....

We have seasonal meals at Casa Kalinauskas. On Saturday, we had our last fish tacos of the year. (I'll post more on them later.)

We also had our final Dark 'n' Stormies. It's now gin and tonic season.

And pumpkin season.

Matt is generally a purist when it comes to comfort foods. Why mess with grilled cheese, mac and cheese, chili or chocolate chip cookies? They're perfect as they are.

Still, he lets me play — as long as I can guarantee that the untainted classics will always remain an option. So I dared to make chill without beef AND without tomatoes last week. Risky move, but it paid off.

Yum. Two thumbs up from Mr. Comfort Food.

And second day? Even bigger YUM. 

Find the recipe for Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili here. Do not, under any circumstances, skimp with the spices.

Then, because I was suddenly on a pumpkin kick, I made these babies.

(I added 1 tsp nutmeg, and swapped out the walnuts for toasted pecans. Then I baked them @ 365 for 12 min. I can't follow a recipe exactly. It goes against my upbringing.)

Best. Cookies. Ever. 

Related, I need bigger pants.

Other recent hits:

Jamie Oliver's Cauliflower Soup.

Black Bean Pineapple Soup Stew Chili. (Yes, it's all-in-one.)

What meals do you gravitate towards when temperatures begin to drop?


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