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Weekend Reading Vol. 2: All About Me

This week's links feature an article that mentions me (!), the shirts I wear, and where my head is at, politically. American friends, please vote well. Name that movie*:

"You get your picture in the papes, you're famous. You're famous, you get anything you want. That's what's so great about New York."

Ursula and I were featured in the Globe and Mail! (Um, last week. I'm a little slow here.)

I would like to thank the photographer for not using the photo of Ursula standing on her chair. She's a (cute) handful, that one.

Other things to read:

The 33 Best Rom-Coms of All Time. I approve of Clueless' spot on the list. Side note: I saw the new Bridget Jones flick. Anything co-written by Emma Thompson gets my stamp of approval. (Thrillist)

The Evolution of the Striped Shirt Trend (& One of the Key Brands Behind It). Oh, stripes. How I love thee. (Refinery29)

And because we can't avoid American politics...these articles best sum up how I feel about the whole mess. The fact that some prominent Christian leaders remain supportive of Trump makes my heart hurt.

Voting For Hillary Is Not Voting For Abortion. (

Related: White, Conservative, Christian Friends — I Wish You Really Were Pro-Life. This is where the phrase "all lives matter" is appropriate. You shouldn't call yourself pro-life if you don't care about people after they're born. (Huffington Post)

Speak Truth To Trump. I applaud the editor for attacking the "strategic" vote. (Christianity Today)

"But there is a point at which strategy becomes its own form of idolatry—an attempt to manipulate the levers of history in favor of the causes we support. Strategy becomes idolatry, for ancient Israel and for us today, when we make alliances with those who seem to offer strength—the chariots of Egypt, the vassal kings of Rome—at the expense of our dependence on God who judges all nations, and in defiance of God’s manifest concern for the stranger, the widow, the orphan, and the oppressed. Strategy becomes idolatry when we betray our deepest values in pursuit of earthly influence. And because such strategy requires capitulating to idols and princes and denying the true God, it ultimately always fails."

Sigh. Sorry to end on such a doozy. So here's a family of bears eating in an apple tree together. You're welcome.

*If you didn't know it was Newsies, GO WATCH NEWSIES. That is all.

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