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Don't Follow Your Dreams (If You Dream Like I Do)

"Covered" by Clare Elsaesser

I dream a lot — specifically when I nap. The dreams never make sense, and usually don't stick with me for long, but I always wake up invested in some bizarre little story crafted by my subconscious.

I've woken up swooning over Nick Carter, made at U2, and horrified that I forget to feed my dog...ever.

Note: I've never had a crush on Nick Carter, have never been in a fight with Bono, and have never owned a dog. But the guilt over the last one was very real. Ruined my day. 

Yesterday's nap-dream tops them all. Because I WOKE UP LAUGHING.

I was in a band. At some sort of conference. You know, one of those conference bands made up of members who just met each other.

Anyways, there was a teenage girl in this band with me. And because it's almost Halloween, she wanted her stage name to be Uranus. This made sense.

And in my dream, I kept accidentally calling her Psoriasis.

I woke up giggling. I couldn't stop. Matthew, who had been napping next to me — we enforced a mandatory family nap time because our toddler is in "I hate sleeping at night" mode and we needed to recover from the night before — looked at me like I had lost my mind. My explanation didn't help:

"There's this girl in my band, Uranus. But I keep calling her Psoriasis."

And I couldn't stop laughing while I told him this.

Off. My. Rocker.

Sleep-deprivation has affected my dream life. I'm losin' it, folks.


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