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Wedding Dress(es)

In 2012, I went to one wedding — mine. I wore this:

Guess I can't wear this again, huh?

This year, because I'm a trendsetter, I was invited to SIX lovely weddings.

(Only two more to go!)

For the wedding in New Jersey — (I should have blogged about that epic one. Friends, I led the wedding guests in Catholic hymns I didn't know. And drank pink champagne at a rooftop oceanfront nightclub. And bet on a racehorse. A weekend of fun.) — I needed to buy a new dress.

The Doll Factory is my new favourite store.

I ended up dancing the night away in this fun outfit:

Dress*: Doll Factory; clutch: Winners; shoes: Nine West; (similar) earrings: Scout; nail polish: Essie in Blanc; lip colour: CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Hot.

Yes, I wore red lipstick. Twice. (With liquid eyeliner, even. And I didn't look like a cartoon! Success.)

Turns out that I loved it so much, I wore it to all three summer weddings, including this past weekend's affair.

And now summer is…over.

I'm retiring the dress for the season.


Guess it's time for a fall frock? I've got my eyes on this beauty.

Do you recycle wedding attire? (I did the math to make sure there weren't too many overlapping guests. This matters to me, apparently.)

And, like me, do you also pry into the wedding colours before you show up? I have a fear of accidentally dressing like a bridesmaid.



*The cropped cardigan in the picture isn't as cropped — or cute — as the one I bought to go with my dress. The one I own is also from Doll Factory. I swear I wasn't paid to endorse my local boutique. I'm just a little in love, that's all.

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