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Making the connection: Rocky's wife and the O.C. soundtrack

Um, so...sometimes we watch Rocky movies on date night. Don't judge.

We've survived the first five. There's only one to go.

Last week, we discovered random/awesome trivia that I'm going to share with you. Just because.

Talia Shire, who plays Rocky's wife, Adrian — and who also stars as Connie Corleone in The Godfather films — is Francis Ford Coppola's sister. (She's the only person in history to have been directed to an Oscar nomination by a sibling.) Which means she's Nicholas Cage's aunt.

Oh, and she's Jason Schwartzman's MOM.


And prior to Jason taking off in the acting world — he had zero acting experience when he wowed you me critics everyone in Rushmore at just 17 — he was the drummer for Phantom Planet.

California, anyone?

Matthew then told me about the history of the cardigan. Date nights are educational.

Wedding Dress(es)

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