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Anna and Tilly: Wedding Edition

Early last month, I wrote that I was toying with the idea of making my own bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding. Well, here she is:

These photos were taken post-wedding, at 1 a.m. Hence the wrinkled fabric, my deflated hair, and the glasses instead of contacts. That bouquet on the bench beside me is awesome: fabric flowers!


Pattern: Anna Dress by By Hand London; Bow Belt by Tilly and the Buttons. Fabric: Cotton from King Textiles Size: Cut a straight 8/12 again. Invisible Zipper Failure: None! I'm getting better!

This dress is known as "the procrastination dress."

My first stab at the Anna dress took a couple of evenings and a Saturday. The second time should have been even quicker…but wasn't.

I just kept putting it off. Every step needed a pep talk. I was intimidated by EVERYTHING. Apparently if I'm just sewing for fun, it's actually pretty stress-free. But once I know the dress I'm making is going to end up in wedding photos that will circulate for the rest of time, I get nervous.

Oh, well.

I finished the dress a few days before the wedding. And even had enough time to make Tilly's cute bow belt. (Free tutorial here.)

And yesterday, I swept up the bazillion little green threads that covered our entire living space. (Yes, I'm still in the market for a craft room.)

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