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Sew Fun: Pillow Talk

When the husband's away, the wife will...get 'er done. My sister- and brother-in-law brought back some lovely fabric from their trip to Mozambique and South Africa last summer. That fabric has been hanging out on my "craft cart" — more on that handy-dandy organizational tool later — ever since.

And then yesterday happened.


I heart my sewing machine.

(I used brown craft paper to create a pattern, then followed this simple tutorial. You can do it, too, friends!)

In related news: I cut out fabric for a simple chambray dress today. The scariest part of sewing is the cutting. It's so permanent. And, not gonna lie, I'm a little terrified that I cut a size too small. If so, there's a new dress coming your way, someone tiny!

Song of the Day: "Morning Light" by The Dirty Guv'nahs

Creature(s) of Habit: Sweet Potato Fries