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I'm Nadine. Thanks for stopping by. The floors are creaky, the kids are loud, but the door's always open and the coffee's always on.

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Moving Pictures with Matthew

Wanna see what my husband/office buddy has been up to lately? Matthew directed, produced and animated this video promo for a cool company called Goalminded.

Yep, I married a pretty crazy-talented guy. With a very impressive work ethic. I don't work well when I'm tired. He's a rockstar, regardless of energy level.*

Um, he's also good at protecting his skull while drawing:

I'm still adjusting to the fact that this project is completed. I was getting used to hearing a British voice introduce me to Tom every morning….

*I believe I sang "Everybody's working through the weekend" on four different weekends while Matthew worked on this. I don't have an ounce of workaholic in me. Watching someone work that hard is exhausting.

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