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Home Cooking: French Onion Soup

We're still psuedo-French here. Fact: We buy our bread at a French bakery run by people who, A, don't speak English, and, B, don't speak French either.

Other fact: French onion soup is finally seasonally appropriate.

All you need is love onions.

(Not these ones. This was a post-soup pic. I used six organic yellow cooking onions. But these sweet ones and/or red ones would have done just fine.)

And then all you need is a tutorial on how to slice and caramelize onions.

I used this one from Simply Recipes. I didn't cry until onion #3.

And because it got such amazing reviews, I also used Simply Recipe's French onion soup recipe*.

Get ready to say "si délicieux" in the worst French accent ever, over and over again.

And it's low-carb and gluten-free…until you add the cheesy bread. Which is essential. So never mind.

Slice the French-bread-from-a-fake-French-bakery. Grate some Swiss and parmesan cheese. Bread + cheese + broiler = perfection.

Top each serving of soup with a slice (or two) of now-crusty bread. Let it get a little soggy. This is comfort food, not pretty food.

Enter: soup coma.

*Recipe modification: I added 1 Tbsp of worcestershire sauce with the beef broth to boost the soup's "meatiness." I'm a serial recipe-tinkerer. I blame my mom.

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