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Ratatouille, Je T'aime

Parsley makes food fancier.

Ratatouille. It's more than just a Pixar movie, kids.

One of our first grownup post-honeymoon meals at home was ratatouille. We were, A, crushing on all things French — Have you seen Midnight in Paris? I swooned over a city — and, B, looking for an excuse to use our brand-new Staub French oven.

We were pretty blessed, wedding gift-wise.

Our version is Staub's version. It's simple, fresh, and way healthier than it tastes. Which makes it a winning dish at Casa Kalinauskas. The veggies magically turn into creamy buttery goodness — without the addition of butter, cream or crack. (It's that addictive.)

Here's the recipe. You may want to decrease the amount of oil a bit. And don't be shy with the black pepper and thyme.

Double the recipe if, like us, you want to eat it all week. (You will. Oh, yes. You will.)

Serve with a baguette, camembert, and a glass (or two) of red wine.

Bon appétit!

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