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Gone Gingham: The Lonsdale Dress

Since it feels like summer again this week — weather is weird — I thought I could squeeze in a post about the sundress I made last month and totally neglected to blog about/wear.

I first teased the project here. Yay, gingham!

According to trends emerging out of New York Fashion Week, gingham will be hot next summer. So I guess I just got a head-start?

[click on image for larger view]


Pattern: Lonsdale Dress by Sewaholic Patterns Fabric: Gingham rayon from King Textiles. ($7 a yard, I think?) Size: Size 6 — but I (accidentally) made the seam allowance a little wider than instructed.

The fit isn't perfect. I had to add darts near the loops at the back — hidden under the bow — to take in some excess fabric around the bust. And it still bunches a little. Maybe I should have shortened the bodice a little?

Anywho. The bodice is self-lined and looks VERY pro on the inside. I'm proud. And it's comfy. And…pockets. Every dress should have pockets.

For $21, it ain't bad. But next time, I'd avoid a geometric print. I'd go solid, floral or abstract.

Are you still wearing summer dresses, friends? Or are they packed away for next year?

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