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I'm Nadine. Thanks for stopping by. The floors are creaky, the kids are loud, but the door's always open and the coffee's always on.

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House Inspiration: Scout and the Gumboot Kids

House Inspiration: Scout and the Gumboot Kids

Scout and the Gumboot Kids. It's the best thing on CBC Kids. It's magical. Like watching a Wes Anderson film that encourages preschoolers to take mindful moments and appreciate the nature around them. I'll even forgive it for starring a mouse. I have serious rodent-anxiety issues. More on that later.

(Parenting tip: Daisy and the Gumboot Kids is on the CBC app. Each super-short episode features a nature craft. It. Is. Lovely.)

And if you're over minimalism and want a little antique-love in your interior design, look no further. The set design is charming.

Now I just need to learn to crochet....

The entryway.

Sources (clockwise, from top): paint, rug, terrarium, boots, cactus, wallpaper, print, print, crate, hooks.

The living room.

Sources: curtains, wallpaper, chair, blanket (pattern), cup and saucer, table, teapot, candlesticks, phone.

The bedroom.

Sources (clockwise from top left): wallpaper, bed, rug, frame, frame, print, print, chair, radio, dresser, plants, lantern, coverlet, shams, quilt (pattern)



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