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I'm Nadine. Thanks for stopping by. The floors are creaky, the kids are loud, but the door's always open and the coffee's always on.

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YouTube Tuesday: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Matthew recently made this adorable Christmas card for his production company.

It's awesome. (So is he.)

This is my first Christmas as a wife.

Pros: more Christmases, more family, more food, more hugs. Oh, and I have a husband. (Bonus: He's warm. Something I am not.)

Cons: more travelling, more divided attention, more guest-room hopping, more pounds on the scale. Also, coldness. (Parents live in snow belts.)

Pros win.

We've (so far) celebrated Annand Christmas (my maternal grandmother's side), Bells Christmas (my dad's side), hosted a Christmas dinner here, been to two Christmas parties (Matthew's been to three), and opened gifts with Matthew's immediate family. This morning, Matthew and I will open gifts as a little family of two, then celebrate Worndl Christmas (Matt's mom's side) before heading to my parents' where we'll party with the Kennedys (my mom's side) and then my immediate family.

New Year's resolutions: sleep and eat salad.

Merry Christmas to all!

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