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YouTube Tuesday: Go Long

Warning: This YouTube Tuesday will take a while…. So maybe just bookmark these if they interest you.

Why Are Thin People Not Fat?

Good question, no?

This doc is pretty fascinating, if not slightly frustrating.

I'm super-interested in the science behind what we eat, why we eat, and how food can both heal and destroy, but I'm bored by discussions of beauty standards and the pressure to be thin. I think it's because I'm learning to own my own body-image crap.

I'm not going to blame Vogue magazine for my body issues.

I am, however, going to read studies about why I keep nibbling on anything and everything even when I'm not hungry. Or what superfoods are going to help me live forever. Or why Matt can go to the gym for 10 minutes and come out with killer abs and I can't. Not even close. (Oh, estrogen. How horrible/important you are.)

Science for the win.

Age to Age: In Concert (1982)

Amy Grant…and her hair at its biggest.

Bonus: an unknown Michael W. Smith on keyboards. (Listen while working if you don't have two hours to watch the whole thing. But be sure to check in occasionally for fashion advice.)

Sugar Rush

Chili Weather