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YouTube Tuesday: Bebo Norman

I missed YouTube Tuesdays. They're back. First things first: Here's an acoustic version of "The Broken" from Bebo's brand-spanking-new album, "Lights of Distant Cities":

Because of the busyness of last winter — engagement is exhausting, folks. Only do it once — I failed to blog about some pretty fun adventures, including the road trip to Buffalo with our friends Andrew and Kelly to see Bebo Norman play.

Because he never plays in Canada. Like, ever.

And because Bebo was the soundtrack to my life for a few years, specifically the lonely, single ones. (Not that singleness is necessarily lonely. But there was a period of time when it definitely was for me.)

When the man who got me through the melancholic evenings alone shook hands with the man I was about to marry, my head exploded a little.

To bring things even more full circle — Can things be fuller than a full circle? — My uncle sang Bebo's "Living in the In-Between" at our wedding ceremony.

Yeah, Bebo and I have had some good times....

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