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Year One: Accomplished

Yesterday, Matthew and I celebrated our one-year anniversary. We opened the last bottle of wedding wine. (You can't get the 2010 vintage at the LCBO anymore. *sniffle*)

Classy jacket, no? It belongs to his wedding suit. 

We went to the same restaurant where we celebrated our first dating anniversary once upon a time. And then we sipped on port and sampled rich desserts at a nearby French bistro.

I like being a wife.

Correction: I like being Matthew's wife.

This weekend was a sentimental one — Reminiscing 101, if you will — which means this little tune was its theme song:

Yes, our first dance was to an Adam Sandler song. Don't judge.

Happy anniversary, Matthew. Here's to another 1000 years....

Royal Watercolours

This Shirt Exists