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Weekend Reading Vol. 7: Legacy, Longevity & Little Women

My favourite. I read Little Women at a really young age. I was very proud of myself. But...I didn't realize I had read an abridged version! I've now read the whole thing. Still wonderful. But longer.

I didn't do a lot of reading this week. In fact, I didn't do much of anything this week.

Here's the gross reality of child-rearing: kids get sick. A lot. But when a grownup catches a kid's cold, it's way worse than the originating one. Ursula got over her cold in a day. I'm on day four of sinus pain. (Sleep deprivation doesn't speed up recovery, either. And toddlers don't sleep in. Or, in Ursula's case, necessarily even sleep through the night. COFFEE. KLEENEX. COFFEE. KLEENEX. COFFEE.)

This week's (short) roundup.

Patton Oswalt’s Year of Magical Parenting. I dare you not to cry. (GQ)

What the Oldest People in the World Eat (and Drink) Every Day. My takeaway: drink wine, eat bacon, wear heels. (bon appétit)

This week marked Louisa May Alcott's 184th birthday. (Um, she's not alive. If she was, the above food article would be all about her.) In honour of the occasion: 10 Things You May Not Know About 'Little Women.' (Mental Floss)

Related: Why Little Women Is Still the Best Christmas Movie. The 1994 version is one of my favourite films of all time. For about 4,089 reasons. (Vogue)

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