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Weekend Reading Vol. 6: The Crown and Dirty Coffee Cups

Well. This week happened. (I tried to write a sentence here, but it turned into a meandering rant about hate and love and fear and 'What-the-heck, America?' My heart hurts.)

Two highlights:

1. We took Ursula to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and she got to meet real live baa-baas and moos!

2. We watched The Crown on Netflix. And drank all the Lagavulin.

You gotta make the best of it, right?

Here's some fun Crown-related reading:

Inside Netflix’s $130 million “The Crown,” the most expensive TV series ever. (The Daily Beast)

Fug the Show: The Crown recaps. These are full of fascinating tidbits and links. And are hilarious. Here's episode one. And two. (Go Fug Yourself)

Surgeons replace actors in The Crown’s King George VI operation scene. No wonder this show was expensive! (AOL)

How to visit the stunning film locations from Netflix’s The Crown. (Visit Britain)

Other stuff on the Internet:

Hermès’s First Female Perfumer Talks About Breaking Into the Male-Dominated Fragrance World. (NY Mag)

‘Going Flat’ After Breast Cancer. (New York Times)

The White Shirt: An Obsessive, Comprehensive Guide. (Wall Street Journal)

It’s Okay to Never Wash Your Coffee Cup. You can stop feeling guilty now. (NY Mag)


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