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Weekend Reading Vol. 3: Perms Are Back!!!!

Just reading my way through the Internet, as per usual.

Once upon a time, I brought the photo on the left to a hair salon. Now I want to bring the photo on the right. Mandy Moore = hair goals. (I will always miss my high-school perm. Always.)

So, obviously, this article made me so very, very happy: Reconsider the Perm. (Racked)

Presidential nominees have friends, too: Debate-Watching With Hillary Clinton's BFFs. (New York Times)

I'm feeling cautiously optimistic about this: Meet Amybeth McNulty, star of new Anne of Green Gables series for CBC, Netflix. (CBC)

New bucket-list item: In Rome, Using "Roman Holiday" as a Guide. (New York Times)

Fascinating read: The Afterlife Of A Ballerina. (Elle)

And for your viewing pleasure...

73 Questions with Emma Stone

(I am IN LOVE with her Vogue cover. Probably because stripes.)

Tom Cruise Acts Out His Film Career

James Corden brings out the fun in everyone.

Weekend Reading Vol. 4: Conspiracy Theories & Grammar Rules