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The 2016 Red Carpet: Characters Edition

I have not been to the movies in approximately 42 years 7 months. I have not read a fashion magazine in almost as long. Usually, I’m on top of award season, both critically and sartorially. This year, I got nada. I hear Spotlight is the movie to beat.

And Cate Blanchett is going to be nominated. Which means FASHION.

Have you ever tried to binge-view photos from fashion week(s)? It’s overwhelming. I tried. But instead of making dress predictions — my favourite thing ever — I ended up only seeing modern takes on fictional characters. (Folks, exhaustion is a brain-screwer.)

So while I have no idea what Cate and friends will be wearing on the red carpet this year, I do have an idea what Anne Shirley would be wearing if she were invited to the Oscars.

Anne Shirley in Alexander McQueen or Temperley London

Alice in Reem Acra

Elizabeth Bennet in Elie Saab

Annie Hall in Temperley London

Holly Golightly in Christian Siriano

Carpet in Valentino

Bowtie pasta — You know, from that movie with all the pasta? — in Christian Siriano

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