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Take Your Baby To Work Week

My kid has long arms. Working from home is hard.

Remember this post about “not figuring it out”? Don’t worry. I haven’t figured anything out. Not really.


A friend recently told me about a new co-working spot not far from my place. While this particular place doesn’t offer that super-cool, treehouse-in-the-sky, working-at-Google vibe that others try to, it does offer something infinitely more valuable: childcare.

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? My neighbourhood is full of freelancers. We need this.

So for the rest of the summer, I’m planning to take Ursula to “work” with me for two or three mornings a week. She gets three hours of playtime with an ECE, and I get uninterrupted writing time. And coffee. (I think. I need to figure out who’s responsible for actually making the coffee.)

And because she’s only in the room next to me — I can hear the kids singing songs and babbling away through the thin walls — I can rest easy that my little one is okay. If she really needs me, she can have me.

As my writing ramps up — and as she gets older — we can transition to part-time daycare. (There will be space for her at a great one not far from us in the new year.) And on weeks when I need just a little more time, I can always return to our co-working spot for an extra morning or two.

Now that I have dedicated baby-free writing time on the calendar, I just need to determine how best I should spend it. Time to write that Great Canadian Novel Board Book?

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