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Sew Fun: The Staple Dress

I finished my second dress! But…first things first. Here's the first one. Don't judge.

Yep. It looks like a chambray hospital gown. With pockets! I'm totally okay with that.

April Rhodes' Staple Dress is supposed to have elastic shirring at the waist, something I fully intended to add. But then I discovered I liked the option of styling it in different ways. So I kept things simple.

To convince myself that I'm actually going to wear the thing, I played dress up today:

I can't wait for non-sub-zero temperatures. I miss wearing dresses. And shoes.

Stay tuned for Dress #2. I'm pretty proud of it....

Note to newbie sewists who are Googling "Staple Dress" for tips and tricks — I totally did that: I made this in size XS, as some people commented that the sizing runs large. I'd normally be a small. Just a heads up.

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