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Remembering Childhood

Buzzfeed did it again. This post had me feeling all warm and fuzzy about childhood greed. (I wanted everything on the list. And owned a healthy handful of them.)

And then I started thinking about the beloved toys I did have.

Ladies and gents, behold: my childhood. [Warning: I didn't have a lot of Barbies, but I REALLY loved them.]

While playing "Barbie got kidnapped" with friends, Nia went missing. And never returned.

I blame Debra. (Yes, I just used her real name. She STOLE my Barbie!)

It was important to never comb 'Glitter Beach' Barbie's hair. It would ruin the crimping.

Poor Ken came with swim trunks...and nothing else. Skipper came with a dog. She wins.

Bedtime Barbie had a stuffed body. Because you can't go to bed if you have bones. Obviously.

Yes, she made many of those exact outfits for my dolls.

I named the Magic Nursery Baby Julia. And had another (lifelike) doll named Melissa. Melissa, Julia, and Cynthia. It was my "ends-with-A" phase.

I would play school with them — and mark their math tests with a red pen.

I still wanna be a fashion designer when I grow up.

What toys defined your childhood?


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