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Pregnancy Survival Kit: The First 24 Weeks

Four months to go! I'm hardly an expert pregnant lady, but here's what's been getting me through this weird season of outgrowing pants and getting up to pee every. single. night.

From L to R: J. Crew sweater; Lou & Grey (Loft) tops, leggings, sweater dress

Non-maternity: I'm uncomfortable with the idea of spending a fortune on a temporary wardrobe, so I picked up a few room-to-grow pieces that will (hopefully) stick around after Baby K arrives.

From L to R: belly band, bamboo leggings, bra extenders

Grow-with-me: When you find out you're pregnant, call a midwife, share the news with parents, then buy a belly band. It will extend the life of your wardrobe for a surprisingly long time. (I also used the elastic band method. Always carry a backup. Elastics break.)

My sister-in-law gifted me with some amazing non-maternity bamboo leggings. They'll last for most/all of my pregnancy.

And thanks to a bra extender, I was able to wear the strapless bra from my wedding at another wedding this past weekend. It saved me having to buy an expensive bra that I'd probably outgrow in a couple of weeks.

All H&M

Maternity: H&M, thank you. (The H&M at the Eaton Centre has a maternity collection. Way more affordable and stylish than most maternity stores. And I can still wear skinny jeans!)

From L to R: S'well water bottle, best book ever, moisture!

Lifestyle items: My first significant pregnancy symptom: thirst. And since "drink all the water" is a goal for the year, I've been starting to carry around this bottle with me. Hydration can look cool.

My just-had-a-baby sister-in-law gave me this book. And I will probably give it to every pregnant friend from now on. It takes the fear out of childbirth. I can do this!

I know, I know. There's nothing I can do to prevent stretch marks. If they want to show up, they will. one told me that a growing belly is a very itchy one. It doesn't help that I live in the world's driest apartment. Twice-daily moisturizing is making the blossoming belly more bearable — and sometimes smell like chocolate.

Moms, what got you through your first two trimesters? (And what should I stock up on for the months to come?)

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