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Predict-A-Trend: Patterned Sheets

[Image source: Urban Outfitters]

Whenever I find myself in a so-hip-it-hurts boutique — there are plenty of them in my neighbourhood and I am a frequent-browser/sometimes-customer of all of them — I try to predict the next big thing.

I didn’t anticipate pins and badges* making such a loud comeback, but I did predict the return of the choker necklace.

(I also called the return of overalls, turtlenecks, and wide-legged pants. This isn’t because I feel like I have my proverbial “finger on the pulse” of what’s happening, fashion- or decor-wise, it’s because I like to anticipate the swinging pendulum. We hadn’t seen overalls in stores for a while. I figured it was a safe bet that they’d be back.)

After years of cushy white towels in hotel-chic bathrooms across North America, Turkish towels are popping up. Everywhere. Because you can’t do cushy and white forever. Which leads me to my next prediction: patterned sheets.

Like I said, we’ve been doing hotel chic for a LONG TIME. And minimalism has had it’s day, right**? It’s time to mix it up. Add pops of colour. Some embroidery. Subtle prints. Full-on graphic patterns. Whatever.

We’re already seeing hints of this at DominoAnthropologie, Urban Outfitters, CB2, West Elm….

[Images (from L, clockwise): 1; 2; 3; 4]

[L to R: 1; 2; 3]

Just you wait. Look at your bed in five years, then seek out this post. I told you so. (Anyone wanna bet how long it will be before I end up with striped sheets? Or a gingham set? It's inevitable.)

Anyone else have any trend predictions they'd like to share?

*I'm not really a pin person, but I'm tempted to become one as a way to support local artists. Read this if you want to hate Zara like I do.

**Here’s an interesting article about the all-white aesthetic. I have mixed feelings. Because Paris.

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