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New Mama Essentials

There are a lot of lists online about what a new mom needs and doesn’t need in the first few weeks postpartum. I read most of them. And found many of them helpful, whether or not I took the writer’s advice or not.

Here’s my version.

(I’ll have a “New Baby Essentials” list up soon. This one’s just for the mamas.)

Earth Mama Angel Baby New Mama Bottom Spray

Awkward name aside, this magical little bottle helps a new mom pee/sit/live without crying. (Bonus: It can spray upside down!) I would pay all the money for it.

AB Tank and Wrap

This tank-and-wrap system, paired with a gentle exercise routine, is designed to prevent and treat diastasis recti (ab separation). Honestly, I felt a little self-conscious/vain wrapping my belly — aren’t post-baby bodies, in all of their hollow squishiness, to be celebrated? — especially since I squeezed into my skinny jeans again sooner than anticipated.

I should probably write something about post-baby bodies soon…but I’m not sure what to add to all the noise. Basically, tell a new mom she looks amazing. ‘Cause she does. (A HUMAN CAME OUT OF HER.)

Anywho, the nursing tanks provided some modesty in the early days of breastfeeding AND worked like Spanx when I started wearing real pants again. The wrap helped my core feel supported. And, yes, I’m back at my pre-baby weight. Probably a combination of genetics, belly wrapping, seemingly endless breastfeeding, and God trying to trick me into having another one. See: Trick Baby.


These disposable blue pads, usually used for incontinence, were a midwife recommendation. I sat on one in the car after my water broke. I slept on one the first night for fear of bleeding all over the sheets. I still change Ursula on one. (I assume they'll be great come potty-training time, too.)

Maternity Pads

Not glamorous, but essential in the first few days. (Toronto mamas-to-be, you can find both these and the underpass at Starkman’s on Bathurst.)

Epsom Salts

New mamas, take baths! Nothing sped up my healing faster than hot baths with epsom salts. Bonus: a 15-minute bath is priceless "me" time. Take (at least) one daily if you can.

Sleep Bras

Even if you’re not usually a sleep-with-a-bra-on lady — who is?! — you will become one once baby shows up. (I wear these during the day, too. Comfort is king.)

Honourable mention: Medela Nursing Pads. One morning you will wake up with leaky boobs. And you will understand why these are on the list.

Online shopping. Do it. You can have pads, Tylenol, mascara, whatever you need, delivered right to your door. (Free shipping!)

Not Essential But Wonderful

BareMinerals Complexion Rescue

That new mama glow? I give this magical product — sunscreen, moisturizer and foundation in one! — all the credit.

Essie Nail Polishes

I really missed my ankles — and being able to actually reach them — during pregnancy. Painting my toenails again after she was born felt like a luxury.

(I’m a sucker for Essie polishes. Mostly because of the packaging.)

Mama Bear Necklace

I bought this for myself in the weeks leading up to Ursula’s due date. Ursula means “little female bear,” so I just couldn’t help myself.

Somewhat related, this cracked me up yesterday:


Moms out there, what were your postpartum essentials?

A Good Day

Smells Like Teen Spirit Homemade Deodorant