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Math: It's Not Just For Math Class

Yesterday, I was attempting to pin a finicky invisible zipper to a dress without strangling myself with the measuring tape that was loosely wrapped around my neck.

Matt was sitting at the kitchen counter, working on a production budget for a short film.

He was plugging too-huge numbers into a calculator app  — "What if I pay everyone [x number of dollars] per foot of animation instead?" — while I cursed the shifting seam allowance: "Arg! It wants to be 1/2", not 5/8"!"

And in that moment, I wanted kids. Not babies. School-aged children. And I wanted them to see us fight with numbers.

"See? You do need math when you're grown up. Even if all you want to do is make funny movies and wear pretty dresses."

In related news, I'm declaring Velcro the new zipper. The "zip" is highly overrated. Ugh.

P.S. A 4-year-old boy asked NASA for help with his homework. He got it.

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