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Last Night: Fred Penner

People of the blogosphere, this is my new best friend:

Last night, Matt and I went to Fred Penner's show at the Garrison. Because he told us we should go.

The place was PACKED. People sang along. They listened when Penner shouted, "Pay attention!" as though channeling Scar from The Lion King.

They did the actions. They promised to take good care of each other.

They meowed.

They...respected him. I've never seen anything like it. Not a hint of cynicism in the air.

"I bet this is sort of surreal for some of you," he said from the stage as we started singing about sandwiches. It was.

And then we all sang "This Little Light of Mine." It was the best worship time I'd had in a while. (I later told him so. Apparently he's played at my church before. See? Bonding. We're friends.)

If George Stroumbolopoulos is Canada's boyfriend, Fred Penner is Canada's dad.

P.S. He told us that if there's only lesson we learn from him, it should be to never ride a bike with our eyes closed.

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