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How To: Smell Like Cookies

[Print source: boopsiedaisy's Etsy shop]

A few weeks ago, I made a homemade body scrub at a lovely friend's eco-friendly baby shower.

Now I smell like cookies.

Because my skin recently realized that it's 30, I actually need to moisturize now.* Daily. So the coconut oil is much appreciated.

Here's how you can make your own.

Mix the following in a small, airtight container:

  • 2 parts ground oatmeal
  • 3 parts brown sugar
  • 1 parts honey
  • 3 parts coconut oil

At the end of your shower, rub a small palmful of the scrub all over your body. Rinse. Pat dry. Make your husband/roommate/nearest coworker crave baked goods.

Okay, friends, what homemade scrubs/masks/lotions do you use? Please share!


*Holy 30s, Batman! Moisturizer! Friends having babies! So many new things!

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