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Getting Organized: The Laundry Closet

This book was a childhood favourite. Getting organized is fun!

The January Cure left our house in a SERIOUS state of disarray.

We moved Matthew’s desk out of the “den” to start making room for a nursery. The new configuration left me office-less, so I’m typing from the couch again.

We have filing boxes and stacks of papercrap* everywhere. Pattern pieces spilling out of a cart. An unplugged record player where the crib will be. Bags of old clothing that need to be dropped off at Salvation Army. Stuff, stuff, stuff.

Making room for a tiny person — specifically, a lady baby! — takes work.

This week, I decided to tackle the simplest of organization projects: the laundry closet.

We hung up a battery operated light in there last January Cure — it used to be impossible to do laundry at night due to COMPLETE DARKNESS — but storage seemed to be a non-option. It’s just a closet.

The only space not occupied: the back of the door.

Say hello to our shoe-organizer-turned-cleaning-product-holder.

Slowly but surely we’ll tackle this mess.

At this time of the year, even when not pregnant, I crave clutter-free minimalism. You?

*The official term for all files, cards, receipts and printouts that have no home. 

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