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Face Off! The Beauty of Coconut Oil

Coconut. It's not just for drinking anymore. 

Once upon a time, I outlined a long list of great blog ideas. One of them was a series on "beauty secrets," because I don't think women should keep these sorts of tricks to ourselves. Knowledge is power, friends! (As is time, so I like finding ways to keep life simple in that area.)

If you know how to create a perfect cat eye, I want in!

I often call the makeup application process "putting on my face." So I guess it's only appropriate that its removal be called "defacing"?


For the longest time I avoided wearing mascara. Partly because I have — *humble brag* — reallllly long eyelashes (which threaten to hit my glasses), and partly because….clumps.

I also avoided black eyeliner because I was under the impression it would make me look dead.

Bonus: I can look like this with too much paint on my face:

In the last few years, however, I've stepped up my face-game a little. (As I'm in sweatpants mode most days, on date nights I aim to transform from frumpy-work-from-home-non-mom to something a little more hot-wife-ish.) This has included venturing into black eyeliner and mascara territory. And — very important — I've gotten over the fear of dark makeup.

Until I try to take it off.

Eye-makeup remover is the worst. You have to rub at your eyes repeatedly, sometimes aggressively — and have extra cotton pads on hand — and still end up looking like a sexy raccoon in the morning. (There's no such thing as a sexy raccoon.)

Enter my new favourite thing ever: coconut oil. (It's not just for Pinterest, folks. It works in the real world!)

At night, I warm a teaspoon of organic virgin coconut oil between my fingers, rub it over my eyes and….voila! All gone. A quick wash with gentle cleanser and you'd have no clue I bothered to put makeup on at all that day.

Coconut oil removes makeup. It is natural. It's easy. It softens the skin around your eyes — if you're into that whole aging gracefully thing. It smells divine. And it's fun!

Okay, that's my beauty secret of the week. What's yours?


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