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Excuse My French

Two more sleeps until Paris. Je suis très heureuse.

I just hope I can get by, en français.

In one of my final OAC* French presentations, I used slides from my dad's 1978 trip to Morocco to talk about life in a French-speaking country. I spoke for 15 minutes or so. In French. And I didn't suck. In fact, I was pretty proud of myself.

Until the end.

My teacher — a good-natured guy who thoroughly loved his job and subsequently inspired me to stick with French — burst out laughing.

I will never, ever forget this French lesson. And I thought I'd share it with you:

This is how you say "the setting of the sun": le coucher du soleil

This is how you say "the diaper of the sun": la couche du soleil

Don't ever say "the diaper of the sun." Ever.

You're welcome.


*OAC = Grade 13 = I'm pretty old, kids.

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