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Dressed Up: Award Season

The Golden Globes are on in three hours. I'm obsessed.

Related: Matt just called from downtown: "I know TV is important to you tonight. Want me to pick up any special food? Is Haagen-Dazs with award-show snack? Do we have enough chocolate?"

Every gal deserves a Matthew.


I LOVED Argo. (I'm on Team Affleck.) And Les Miserables. (Hugh Jackman deserves every award ever for that performance.) And Life of Pi. (Especially considering that story is pretty un-filmable.) And Silver Linings Playbook. (Even if it does romanticize bi-polar a bit.) And Wreck-It Ralph. (See it!) I liked Lincoln, but loved Daniel Day-Genius.

I'll save my predictions for the Oscars.

What I really wanted to see...was THIS DRESS on the red carpet.

Polka dots!


Turns out Camille Belle wore it YESTERDAY:


I need a fancier life.

The following dresses are also on my red-carpet wish list this award season:

Little black dresses. If I were nominated as a writer, I'd go retro-sexy in black. Maybe.

Or maybe I'd don something long.

Or blue.

Or gold. (Notice my belt obsession? Even my wedding dress was belted.)

Purple patterns. Yes, please.

Anyone wanna host a ball?

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