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I'm Nadine. Thanks for stopping by. The floors are creaky, the kids are loud, but the door's always open and the coffee's always on.

Make yourself at home.

And Baby Makes Four!

Someone's getting a sidekick!

This pregnancy has been a doozy, energy-sapping-wise. More nausea, exhaustion, and general zombie-like behaviour than the first. And, unlike the first pregnancy, this one comes with a side of energetic toddler. She has no chill — and sometimes enjoys hurling herself off a side table onto the couch.

At 18 weeks, I'm just starting to feel human again.

(Shoutout to Matthew, who's been doing the early-morning thing with Ursula every day so I can get a little extra rest. And shoutout to Ursula, who holds me accountable to taking a daily prenatal vitamin: "Baby eat!")

We're excited for Ursula to have a sibling. She really likes kids, and is already kissing my belly and talking about "baby." Only occasionally — and usually after a tantrum in public or a snotty, sleepless night — do Matthew and I look at each other and ask, "WHAT ARE WE GETTING OURSELVES INTO?!

(We'll survive. The kids will go off to summer camp in, like, 9 years. And we will sleep again.)

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