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A Tiger Named Nadine

Don’t you hate it when you want to wear your ONE PAIR of comfy pants but can’t because they’re covered in mushy banana and hyena goo? Yeah. Me too.

This hyena's name is Eddie. He hates being cold. I love him. 

I met a tiger named Nadine on Saturday. Matthew made fast friends with her den-mate, Taj. I overheard one zookeeper tell another that “Nadine got really jealous when she saw Matthew playing with Taj. She wanted the attention.” I thought she was talking about me. Nope.

Weirdest thing: Having a zookeeper tell you to put your fingers in the tiger cage.* Apparently EVERY rule is meant to be broken, after all. 

*Seriously, though, please don't ever do this without the careful supervision of a keeper. Unless you don't care about those fingers. Or your life. 

Baby tigers want to play. When they're 80 pounds at six months, you're not allowed to indulge them. (I'm glad I'm having a human baby.)

Contessa the tiger wanted to pounce on the little kids who were in line to meet her next. Tigers are easy to read. No poker faces here. 

I also discovered that I have the eating preferences of a hyena. And/or a lemur. I, too, would eat grapes, bananas and granola out of strangers’ hands over raw chicken any day.

Apparently this super-social little lemur named Guido would make a lousy pet. Mostly because he would eventually learn that Matthew is another male and he'd feel threatened by him. His loyalty would only lie with me. Mwah-ha-ha. I'd have my very own lemur minion.

Jungle Cat World for the win.

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