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A Grown-Up Wardrobe

Yesterday, I picked up my winter boots and leather belt from a shoe-repair shop — and dropped off another pair of boots to be re-soled.

Matt: Why is this "grown-up"?

Me: Because I usually just throw out my crappy broken clothes. I finally have boots worth fixing!

Side note: If you need shoes/leather repaired in Toronto — and you like fast, cheap, quality repairs — go here

Last month, I bought two fitted blazers.* Because Tim Gunn told me I needed them. And because my most of my cardigans have been demoted to "pyjama coverup" when I'm cold at night.

Earlier this week, my mother-in-law bought me shoes for Christmas — with 3.5" heels. (We tried flats. But I have Barbie-doll feet.)

I turn 30 in 2013 — more on that later — and I think my wardrobe is slowly starting to show it.**

I don't think I mind. Yet.

*After buying the blazers, I learned that Kate Middleton owns the same style in red. We're pretty much besties.

**Stacy London kicked my butt a bit this holiday season. Her new book isn't fashion advice. It's "Stop whining about your body, look at your figure objectively, embrace who you are, shop smart, take risks, and tell your clothes who's boss. P.S. Get a tailor!")

Full disclosure: I was wearing my mother's Pioneer Clubs T-shirt from the '80s, paired with ratty jeans and an old hoodie while writing this. Wardrobe makeover = incomplete.


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